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I have a debate in Spanish class about whether the legal gambling age should be 18 or 21, I got stuck with the side I didn't want, saying you should be 21. Gambling age may be lowered - LA Times

Nevada’s top gaming regulator says he’ll ask state legislators whether they have any appetite to lower the minimum gambling age from 21 to 18 ... lower gambling age will be getting gentle push ... Why drinking age should be lowered: Dr. Ruth Engs Those under the age of 21 are more likely to be heavy -- sometimes called "binge" -- drinkers (consuming over 5 drinks at least once a week). For example, 22% of all students under 21 compared to 18% over 21 years of age are heavy drinkers. Among drinkers only, 32% of under age compared to 24% of legal age are heavy drinkers. 18-Year-Olds in Vegas Will Have to Wait to Gamble ... In order to give a boost to the city, a proposal was floated earlier this November to lower the gambling age in Nevada from 21 to 18. However, as soon as it was brought up, it was shot down by various politicians; for now, at least, 18-year-olds will have to wait four more years until they can gamble in Las Vegas.

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Feb 9, 2017 ... ... of any compelling benefits” of lowering the gambling age and added ... The idea to lower the legal gambling age to 18 was floated by some ... Gambling age may be lowered - LA Times Gambling age may be lowered. Joshua Hafenbrack. At 18, Floridians can vote, join the armed forces and buy a pack of cigarettes. Should they be able to play ... Those under 20 will be barred from gambling even if Japan's age of ... Aug 15, 2017 ... Even if Japan's official age of adulthood is lowered to 18 from 20, those under 20 will still be barred from gambling, sources said. The move is ... SUQUAMISH CASINO: Ante up at 18 - Kitsap Sun Jul 9, 1998 ... The policy lowering the age of gambling from 21 to 18 may have a ripple effect at tribal gaming halls throughout the state. The Washington ...

Should Nevada Lower Its Gambling Age to 18?

Should Drinking Age Be Lowered to 18 Pros and Cons. ... but someone at the age of 21 can do. Gambling in a casino, ... Should the drinking age be lowered below 21? Should the Gambling age be lowered, higherd or stay the ... Why Do you think so the gambling age should be lowered or highered? What social or political impacts will it have ? I am looking for peoples opinions on ... The Legal Drinking Age: 18, 21, or 25? Gambling Addiction Treatment; ... If the drinking age were to be lowered to 18, ... but some believe that the restriction should be raised even higher, to the age of 25.

A 16+ voting age seems reasonable, and most (not all, just most) people I know above the age of 16 are intelligent, knowledgeable, and rational enough to vote rationally and maturely.

Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered to 18? - 1222 Words |… Should the legal drinking age be lowered to age 18?Some people think 18 is a better age but others think Its outrageous to lower the drinking age to 18. After much reading and observing, I myself think the drinking age should be kept at 21 years old. because young adults who drink while they 're... The Drinking Age Should Remain 21 And Not Be Lowered To … Why the Drinking Age Should Not Be Lowered. 1844 words - 7 pages dozen shots of booze and at Pennsylvania University a student was found clinging to life on her 21stShould The Drinking Age be 18? 1338 words - 6 pages study. In addition, it will also increase the risk of physical and sexual assault. Why Shouldn't the Drinking Age Be Lowered? | New Health… Here comes another answer to why should drinking age should not be lowered. Because alcohol and illegal drug abuse always come hand in hand.It is usually easy for most teenagers to pass as 18 than 21.This would draw teens a lot younger than 18 to alcohol, which is only going to make matters worse.

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Gambling in children and adolescentsGambling in children and ... 1 May 2012 ... Gambling participation increased with age and was more common among ... in Canada, with legal ages ranging from 18 to 19 depending on the activity and region [13][14]. ... Health care providers should screen for gambling behaviours. ... resulting in lower levels of adolescent gambling problems [38]. Gambling age in SD is 21, but can an 18-year old... - Cadillac Jack's ... Cadillac Jack's Gaming Resort, Deadwood: "Gambling age in SD is 21, but can an ... You would have to check that time with the casino when you get there. The Perils of a Lower Drinking Age – Reason.com 21 Aug 2008 ... Why 18-year-olds shouldn't be allowed to drink. ... When states lowered their drinking age in the 1970s, they got more ... But if high-school seniors could legally patronize a liquor store, sophomores would find it much easier to get party fuel. .... Gambling: If gambling remains legal, statistics show that some ...

Regulator says he’ll pass it along to top lawmakers. The age requirement to play at most tribal casinos is 18 in California. In Arizona, 18-year-olds were allowed to play, but in 2002 voters approved a gambling expansion initiative that changed the age limit to 21. Nevada law says a person under the age of 21 years shall not “play,...